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All Texas Shows have been cancelled for 2020

2020 Texas BAA Show Dates


Houston Early Bird                                                                 

DFW (Terrell, TX)                                                              

Southwest (Terrell, TX)                                                  

DFW Second Show (Terrell, TX)                                                                                         

Houston Budgerigar Society  (Houston, TX)

Texas Bird Breeders and Fanciers Association   TX                                                                                                                                                                                                              


2020 BAA Show Dates

Due to covid19, many clubs have cancelled shows, changed dates and/or loctions.

Please check BAA website: www.budigerigarassociation.com for updated information.

Arizona Budgerigar Society(Mesa, AZ)                                          

Houston Early Bird(TX)                                           

Maryland Budgerigar Society (VA) <Dual>                                       

Budgerigar Association of CA                                                            

Arizona Budgerigar Society(Chandler, AZ)                                       

DFW (Terrell, TX)                                                          

Southwest Budgie Society(Terrell, TX)                      

Arizona Budgerigar Society(Camp Verde, AZ)                                 


Mid American All Cage Bird Society                    

Forth Worth Bird Club (TX)                                                    

Greater Kansas City Avicultural Society (Grandview MO)               

Alamo Exhibition Bird Club(San Antonio, TX)                                 

Texas Bird Breeders (Temple, TX)                                                    


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